The Art of Managing Chronic Health Conditions


Managing chronic health conditions is a frustrating reality for many. Maybe you feel you you’ve done everything that you can do, and you’re just not getting the traction that you hoped for from the therapies that you’ve tried to this point.

For the present it might well be that it’s something you have to deal with the best you can. I personally have a neurological “project” (“project” sounds much better than “issue”) that I’ve been dealing with for years now, and it gets tiresome at times.

Don’t Give Up – Improvement is Always Possible

I am writing this article to reach out and say: “Don’t give up”.

I was watching a program on Netflix about a month ago, called “How Do They Do It?“, and it was really quite fascinating. One of the segments of the show focused on how to make sushi of the highest quality. They interviewed a fisherman who specialized in catching fish specifically for upscale sushi restaurants, and he made a comment that has stuck in my mind ever since: “I do not know how to improve anything that I do by 100%. But I do know how to improve everything that I do by 1%”.

The reason that sticks with me has to do with my own challenges, as well as the challenges that some of my family, clients, and friends deal with on a daily basis. There may be no way to improve the situation 100% in any one area, but there is always a way to improveĀ everything that you do by 1%. The great thing is that It all adds up.

So – make sure that you’re doing everything that you know of that helps your condition. Get outside if it helps and it’s a good day. If you feel like walking today, go do it. If you don’t feel like it tomorrow, don’t sweat it. Another day will come when you feel like it.

Make a list of everything that improves your condition, even by 1%, and make sure that you praise yourself for every single thing you do to help yourself.


How Do They Do It? (Season 3, Episode 1: Blue Angels, Ski Dome, Fresh Fish)

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