Nasal Congestion Relief


For many, seasonal allergy projects can provide challenges to their ability to function and get things done in their lives. My goal here is to share some ideas on how to relieve sinus pressure that are inexpensive and get to the root of the matter.

Nasal Congestion = Liver Congestion

This is a critical piece that I learned on myself. Three days into a 5-day liver detox program, my sinuses cleared up and felt like a superhighway inside. I was amazed.

The program I was using at the time was the 5-day Liver Detox by Dr. Schultze, and I highly recommend it. However, it might be easy enough for you to try drinking a simple liver flush drink every morning until symptoms get better. I still do this for a few weeks, every now and then. It’s quick, simple, and within everyone’s budget.

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